When a college student begins to document the lives of a lowly band of cable television reenactment actors he uncovers Ryan Baxter, a re-enactor committed to putting his own inaccurate spin on history. Looking over him is Gil, the angst-ridden director of Ryan's misadventures, who spends more time trying to corral Ryan's historical inaccuracies on set than repairing his own career.

When news of a major network television reenactment surfaces amongst the crew, both Ryan and Gil are sent into a tailspin, while other re-enactors amidst the extremely low-budget crew try to take a large step forward and take the mantle away from Ryan Baxter.

A man destined to be historical... only if he could get it right.


Brandon Haberman (Writer, Director, Producer)

Brandon Haberman

Brandon was born in Salem, Oregon. After graduating from UNLV with a degree in screenwriting, Haberman dove head first into the boom of reality television, working primarily as a director of photography on milestones hits like ICE ROAD TRUCKERS and INTERVENTION. Other credits include CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, SURVIVOR, and NEXT TOP MODEL. After working several years in television and being featured in numerous industry magazines and online articles, he decided to finally conceptualize an idea that first came to him after watching a terrible portrayal of John Wilkes Booth on a cable documentary.

RYAN BAXTER: REENACTOR is Brandon’s first feature film.

Matt Whittaker (Actor, Producer, Editor)

Matt Whittaker

Matt Whittaker was born on June 22nd 1982 in Salt Lake City, Utah. As an actor, he has appeared in commercial and independent films like: Ryan Baxter: Reenactor (2015), The Yankles (2009), and Ice Spiders (2007), in addition to various commercials, stage productions (Rumors, The Adding Machine, Black Comedy, Inherit the Wind, the Glass Menagerie...etc.), and university student film projects. Running a small film production company, Matt has been able to pursue his passion behind the camera writing, directing, and producing various commercials, short films, and music videos. He is the co-founder and executive director of the Salt Lake City Film Festival, holds Bachelor's degrees from the University of Utah in Film Production and Spanish, teaches film theory at the Salt Lake City Community College, and is an avid musician playing drums in the band Birthquake with his two brothers. Currently, Matt is pursuing a Master's degree in Arts Organization Management and co-producing Ryan Baxter: Reenactor. He is excited to continue work on a number of other projects including a music video for the band Palace of Buddies and a web series he and his older brother have been developing.  

Behind The Scenes